Y O U R  L E I S U R E  I S  O U R  P L E A S U R E

Shri opened its doors in 2010 to establish itself as the first international standard rooftop restaurant and lounge in HCMC, to which the venue quickly established itself and a must-visit to the city. The concept was to deliver quality, authentic food with quality service and atmosphere.

The word Shri means to be surrounded by light in Sanskrit, and over the years, Shri has been surrounded by more and more lights as the city has continued to grow. In recent years Shri has placed itself firmly on the creative map when it comes to its innovative food and beverage program headed up by both Shri Executive Head Chef, Javier Gomez and famous Bartist Richard J Fawcett.

Along with the great team, Shri has reinvented itself to emerge as one of the leading culinary and cocktail destinations in the country, whilst retaining the original ethos of authenticity, quality and honesty.

In September 2018 Shri introduced Thomas Gillgren as its new General Manager after former GM Richie J Fawcett and original GM Ashley Nichols. They have both contributed to Shri to what it is today with the best cocktails in town and one of the largest wine selection in Ho Chi Minh City among many other great features at Shri. Thomas will continue the work they have done and take Shri to new heights.

Thomas has a background working in some of the best bars, restaurants and nightclubs in the world. He has opened and run more than 40 different venues around the world and with him, Shri will combine art, music and innovative solutions to give the guests a new experience every time they come to Shri. From developing and creating new concepts in his previous career and his love for wine, cocktails and food, he will ensure that Shri will continue being the place to go to for an extraordinary experience. Together with the team, they will give our guests something beyond great on the culinary side in a place where you want to be.