BLOCKS vol.25 (29/10/20)


For DJs by DJs sharing the passion for MUSIC and SPINNING.

In the secret room of Shri some of the most talented DJs Saigon has to offer are gathering for a mash up, scratching, spinning, scribbling, stabbing, throwing,  juggling, definitely NOT biting, but finding that drop for the beat, kicking the bassline, finding the perfect pitch, counting the BPM directing the pulse straight to your heart and mind. Cue that sound, find that hook, waiting for that drop to kick in and get your remixes, originals, remastered, re- rubbed mixes for the ultimate mash up.

Get your balancing levels straight and gain structure spot on, trim that volume, make it hot from your chipmunk to bass, work that crossfader and make it curve, get that cut perfect…

Put on your cans and press cue….

This is NOT an ordinary DJ event, this is an OPPORTUNITY to hear some of the FINEST DJs in Saigon, a chance to get inspired, mesmerized and blown away. 

Discover new music, new beats, everything from originals to remixes, remastered  and mashed up tunes and everything in between.

Get to know your DJs and to all DJs bring your game ON!

“GOD is a DJ, LIFE is a DANCEFLOOR, LOVE is the RHYTHM, YOU are the MUSIC.


GET to know your DJ.

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