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Hi there!

Our new blog is about Life at Shri, what we are up to and not only what is happening in Shri but also in the rest of the world especially HCMC and Vietnam. My name is Thomas and I am the GM at Shri since September 2018, and I am really happy to share our experiences here and our view of life on our blog. We hope to give you an insight of what going on in a restaurant in HCMC and what our team is up to.

So what is happening at Shri, well there is a lot of things going on….

Chef Javier is back from holiday in Spain for some catch up with family and foremost of all a good rest before high season is kicking in and now he is working on a truffle menu launching in August, he is always busy creating new dishes and we are looking forward to see what he creates for the new seasonal menu in September. As Chef Javier have been here for 4 years he learned how to love the abundance of Vietnamese ingredients, so with his creative culinary skills he wrote a recipe book based on Vietnamese ingredients made with his classic European cooking techniques. So we are looking forward to share the passion of his cooking in September when we are launching his book.

For me lately it has been a lot of wine tastings together with my lovely team, as we are looking to add another 40-50 wines to the already 330 strong wine menu, our menu is already one of the most versatile wine menu’s in town. I am so happy to work with Mr Binh who has been working at Shri for 7 years and has great wine knowledge, he is the man to ask about wine together with the lovely Ms Ngoc who’s taste buds are second to none. Despite her young age her approach to wine is very mature and it just shows me how important it is to keep an open mind and never, never judge a book by its cover. So they have been helping me in our quest for great wines to introduce to our customer.

As we are looking at wines that are not moving on our list there are a few wines that we consider to delist and one of them was a Syrah from New Zealand, which is an unusual grape – country combination. We all agreed that maybe we should look for some other wines to replace it, however we revisited the wine and tried it again and my lord it was sensational. Nothing like the Shiraz we tried from Australia or Syrah from Rhone Valley in France. It had it’s on character and was big, bold, spicy with cedar tree and dark fruits. That night we sold 6 bottles…. I am so happy to be surprised  and together with my colleagues give the chance to give something grate and unusual to our guests.

As part of the experience at Shri we are also looking to share our love for music and art. So part of the entertainment have been our Spanish Night with Qua Te Ke and our weekly Saturday night with The Library and we are planning to have a photo exhibition by a brilliant photographer I met during The Library sessions, Hermes Pichon Aviateur, we want to capture the young generation of Vietnamese and show the vibrant and creative side of this generation in style and everyday life.

The season finale for Library will be on Saturday 20th July and will be back with some more eclectic music, great vibes and good people in September. For Qua Te ke we are planning another great night later this year, it has been a success and to realise how close Spanish and Vietnam are in terms of love for music, food and great party among friends has been a real eye opener as we had a lot of Vietnamese coming to enjoy the Qua Te Ke.

There is so much more to share with you and we will, we will keep this space open and tell you more about the life of Shri and how we try to make a change in the life of others and be part of the ever evolving world that is happening all around us.


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