Thomas Gillgren - GENERAL MANAGER

Thomas is originally from Sweden but have strong connections with Vietnam as his father is from Vietnam. For many years they lost contact but after 25 years he reconnected with his father in Ho Chi Minh and has now met other family members on his Vietnamese side. So for him he is on an emotional journey as well as a professional. He wants to learn Vietnamese and more about Vietnamese culture.

He was given the opportunity to work in Vietnam in 2017 and reconnect with his fatherland an offer he could not refuse. With his experience from working all over the world he will share that experience at Shri and show why he worked for some of the best places in the world at the same time he wants to learn more about Vietnam and the Vietnamese people. After less than a year Thomas feels like he has come home.

Thomas Gillgren has vast experience on an international level during his 29 years in the industry. He spent 14 years in London where he opened some of the most prominent places in London such as Sketch, Mash, Townhouse, 10 room and Kingly Club to mention a few. He also opened venues, trained staff and developed concepts in Russia, Turks & Caicos, Azerbaijan, UAE and Sweden. He had his own training school for bartenders in London, Chelsea Academy of Bartending. He won several awards individually and with the venues he worked at throughout the years in hospitality.

After London he worked in Dubai for three years with Whissle Group, one of the leading hospitality companies in Dubai, helping the group venues to an international level. He implemented training programs, evaluation and progress systems for employees to increase the standard of service at the venues. He developed conceptual beverage offers for the different venues to attract and satisfy the guests expectations and beyond.

He then moved to Indonesia where he worked as operations manager for Potato head Beach club and later Project Manager for PTT family, which is one of the most innovative and progressive companies in South East Asia. He also helped opening Potato Head Hong Kong as interim GM.

In 2017 he moved to Vietnam to work with DEP concepts and Shri to develop new interesting concepts, he has just taken over as GM from his friend Richie J Fawcett, known by most people in Saigon as Bartist and GM at Shri. Thomas love for this industry will show at Shri and put a smile on our guests faces, with his experience he will bring Shri to another level.


Chef Javier was born in Valencia, the home of paella, he started his career going to one of the best schools for chefs in Europe situated in the heart of San Sebastian famous for their food. There he learned about food from north of Spain, he made his training in La hacienda de Benazuza, El Bulli hotel followed by owning his skills in various seafood restaurants around Spain ending up in Madrid working for tope end restaurant. He left Spain to work in UK with renowned chef Tony Singh. For the last three years he has been executive chef in Shri restaurant where people can experience and really feel his love for food. Vietnam and Spain has many similarities such as the love of seafood and pork often served in different ways and styles in both countries.

Executive Chef Javier has grown and flourished in Vietnam’s energized environment to combine his European classically trained skills and his Spanish culinary heritage with the abundance of Vietnamese produce bringing a new dimension of cuisine to the city. Spanish chef Javier Gomez culinary vision goes beyond his brilliance and passion for his home country Spain combining local flavours with his love for food from all over the world. He has taken Vietnamese food to his heart and using combination that creates a whole new niche with dishes full of flavours and refined taste based in the plentiful flora of exotic flavours and variety of products Vietnam has to offer.

With his new a la Carte menu being introduced in November 2018 people will discover another level of culinary heights with food taking inspiration of Asia and fresh Vietnamese ingredients in ways that Ho Chi Minh City has not seen before.