WINE AIR 4.0 / 19TH NOV 2020

Wine Air Operated by Shri Wine Travel Agency (SWTA) 

This is the announcement of our 4th Flight with WineAir.

On Thursday 19th November, WineAir will commence departure at 19:00 from HCMC and head to South of France and South of Australia. Tickets can be booked via Shri Wine Air Agency (SWTA). Tickets are limited.
We will visit famous regions like Cotes du Rhone in France and McLaren Vale & Clare Valley in Australia

Date: 19 November 2020, Thursday

Final Ticket Price: 575,000 (inc. Flight tax and Service)

Boarding: 19:00

Last Call: 21:30

Flight: WineAir FLT004

For more info and tickets:

Ticket will include Boarding, Quarantine Disinfection Drink, tasting wines from our 6 destinations, free in flight meal, free testing of WINE-23 positive result will be treated with a large amount of wine, after party with cabin crew led by Captain DJ Sagiio.
For Security reason and safety our passengers will be given a disinfection remedy prior to flight and be put in quarantine  14 minutes after boarding. During the flight we will give test and test result of taste with positive result – free glass of wine.
Boarding pass and payment will be available at Shri Lounge when boarding at Gate 23 from 19:00.
Late passengers are welcome to join the cabin crew for a party after landing.
Group Travel offer for pre booking 5 tickets will include one bottle of wine FREE – ONLY pre booking Email Shri Wine travel Agency for group bookings:
Great prices from our Duty Free/Hang Mien Thue Shop and Wine Trolley available through out the flight.
Our Wine attendant will ensure all our passenger have a pleasant flight.
Our inflight meal is delivered by Meat Trader the No 1 supplier of Australian Beef
We thank all our sponsors that’s making this flight possible
Wine Embassy
Bombay Sapphire
Meat Trader
Flore Model Institute & Agency



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